Minutes APM 2018

Written by Margaret Highton

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Gorsley & Kilcot held on Thursday 17th May 2018 at 7.30pm in Christ Church Gorsley

Present: 12 parishioners including 5 Parish Councillors

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk to Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council), Sarah Davies (Forest of Dean District Council - Dementia Friendly Community Enabler) and Mike Morgan (Forest of Dean District Council –Community Wellbeing Team)

Cllr. Nigel Warwick chaired the meeting and welcomed everybody to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence were accepted from Martyn and Sarah Davy and Lee Hines.

  1. All Reports and the minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting had been available in Christ Church for the previous week and were taken as read.

  1. The approval of the minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting were proposed by Cllr. Graham Price seconded by Cllr. Claire Barker and agreed unanimously.

  1. 4.The following reports were taken as read:

  1. a)Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council Report: There were no questions.
  2. b)Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council Financial Report: There were no questions.
  3. c)Mike Morgan: There were no questions but Mike Morgan informed the meeting that there was only two Community Wellbeing Agents now.
  4. d)Police Report: There were no questions

  1. Report from District Cllr. Craig Lawton and County Council Will Windsor Clive: These people had been asked for reports but the Clerk had received no report and neither were at the meeting.

  1. Public Questions:
    1. a)Sarah Davies advised the meeting that Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council would be receiving feedback from the Awareness Session that was held in Gorsley Village hall on April 26th. There had been 58 Awareness Sessions held in the District with over 700 attendees. There was now a second year of funding secured.
    2. b)The clerk was thanked for arranging to get the Bus Shelter Roof cleared and the Clerk thanked the Landowner for doing the work so promptly.

As there was no further business, the meeting was closed at 7.37pm.