Minutes 4th September

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4th September 2017 at 7.30pm

in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

  1. Present:Nigel Poole,

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk), PC Rob Dix and Catherine Gardiner

  1. PC Rob Dix explained that he had been in the Forest as a Police Officer since 1998 and was at moment, not attached to a particular are but had acted as a Rural Beat Officer in the past. The Forest division covers a wide area from Chepstow to Over to Ledbury to Ross on Wye, to Monmouth back to Chepstow. The five areas, Sedbury, Lydney, Coleford, Cinderford and Newent all have their own Rural Beat Officer. PC Dean Saunders is responsible for Newent, but is on holiday at present. He said that the Forest is covered by 3 PC’s and 1 sergeant for the night shift (11pm to 7am) and 1 sergeant and 3-5 PC’s during each day shift (7am – 5pm and 2pm to 12midnight, 4pm to 2am on Friday and Saturday) plus PCSO’s who normally work sometime between 8am and 10pm. A new PCSO had just been allocated to Newent, PCSO Josh Griffiths, who is an experienced PCSO transferred from Dursley. PC Dix apologised for the incident re the quad bike in the hedge, which had been stolen and was removed before the police got to it, as a farmer had seen it and suggested he took it home for the night. Neighbourhood Officers like PC Dean Saunders spend around 60%+ on other duties. Gloucestershire Police are going through a recruitment process at the moment. PC Dix was asked if rural crime was on the increase. He said the figures compared to a similar period a year ago were for the parish, offences were up from 3 to 5 and incidents reported to the police up from 26 to 40, but these can be reporting of unusual behaviour. He said that crime trends follow society and now most people have a smartphone, the second hand market for smartphones and other technology has closed down. Ride on Mowers and Quad Bikes are the main items taken at present.

  1. Apologies for absence:

  1. Declaration of Interest: None

  1. 5.Requests for Dispensations: There have been no requests.

  1. 6.Minutes

  1. Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes dated 10th July not covered elsewhere in the agenda and Action Tracker: The Action Tracker had not been circulated to all councillors since 1st August as the Clerk had been awaiting an update from the Enforcement Officer. Cllr. Nigel Warwick reported that although the Tree work had been completed he was not satisfied with the fact that large pieces of trees had been left which is not in accordance with the quote. Clerk to contact the contractor. . The Clerk reported that Buildbase advised her last week that they hoped to get the defibrillator installed in the near future by their contractors.

  1. 8.Financial Matters:
    1. a)Payments made in the last two months and accounts to be paid:
  2. b)Lead Member for Finance’s Report: The report had been circulated to all councillors and it was noted that the Lead Member was satisfied with the accounts.
    1. c)Clerk’s Appraisal: This was arranged for 10.30am on 7th October at Old School House with Cllr. Nigel Warwick and Cllr. David Clough.
    2. d)Transparency Grant 2017/18: The Clerk reported that a grant of £1579.52 had been awarded. This includes money for new computer, printer and software as well as training and Clerk’s hours. It covers the period from 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2018.
    3. e)External Auditor’s report: This had been received and the only comment was in future all crossings out must be initialled by the Chairman and Clerk and placed in the minutes ,

  1. 9.B4221 and related Matters:
    1. a)Division during Resurfacing/Patching of B4221, Drainage Work and Verge Cutting: Rhodri Grey had offered a site meeting and the date of 15th September was agreed.
    2. b)Bus Stop Refuge: This work had been completed and part of the layby tarmacked and a bus stop marking placed on the B4221.
    3. c)Noticeboards: Unfortunately, the Noticeboard at Kilcot Cross had been damaged during the installing of the Bus Refuge but Gloucestershire County Council had repaired the damage. The lock on the Noticeboard at Christ Church is not working and it was agreed to look into purchasing a new Noticeboard. ACTION: Clerk to bring quotes for New Noticeboard to the next meeting
    4. d)Speedwatch: It was decided not to send the Gloucestershire Community Speedwatch Newsletter to all parishioners. It was decided to ask for training for new councillors for Speedwatch and retraining for the current councillors. ACTION: Clerk to contact PCSO Sue Pritchard to arrange Speedwatch training
  1. 10.Planning Matters:
    1. a)Planning Application: Aston Ingham Cricket Club, Stockings Field Mill lane Kilcot – Erection of an extension to Cricket Club Pavilion: After a discussion, it was decided that the Parish Council’s response would be “No Objections”.
    2. b)Enforcement matters: No update has been received although the enforcement officer had stated that he would send an update by the date of the meeting. ACTION: Clerk to write to Head of Paid Service Forest of Dean District Council re outstanding enforcement matters.
    3. c)Motion to GAPTC re retrospective planning applications from Westbury on Severn PC: It was decided not to take any action.
    4. d)Community Infrastructure in Forest of Dean District: It was noted that Forest of Dean District Council would not working on Community Infrastructure Levy until resources are available after the Allocations Plan has been passed. Inspector’s report on Allocation Plan due late 2017 or early 2018.
  1. Community Emergency Plan: Community Emergency Plan plus suggested amendments had been circulated to all councillors. Cllr. Nigel Warwick and seconded by Cllr. David Clough and agreed unanimously that the Community Emergency Plan is reviewed and agreed after suggested amendments are made.

  1. Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure and Complaints Procedure: Procedures had been circulated to all councillors. Cllr. Nigel Warwick and seconded by Cllr. Nigel Poole and agreed unanimously that the procedures are reviewed and agreed.
  1. Closure of Gorsley Post Office: A Community BBQ to thank Gordon and Diane is to be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 9th September. A meeting to discuss the way forward will be held at Gorsley Village Hall on Thursday 14th September.


  1. 14.Attendance at Forest of Dean District Council Parish and Town Council Liaison Meeting: Cllr Nigel Poole will represent Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council.


  1. 15.GAPTC Training Programme including New Councillor’s Training and Clerk’s Networking:


  1. Methods of distributing Neighbourhood Watch Messages: It was agreed that the Clerk should advise all parishioners on email of the new Facebook page: Crime in (and around) Newent.
  1. 17.Draft recommendations on the new electoral arrangements for Forest of Dean District Council: Gorsley & Kilcot parish would be in the ward of Dymock with Dymock, Kempley and Oxenhall. As Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council’s comments had been taken into account, the Clerk was asked to write to support the proposal. ACTION: Clerk to write to Local Government Boundary Commission.

  1. Items for the next meeting’s agenda: It was decided that the November meeting would be on Monday 13th November
    1. a)Noticeboards

  1. Co-option of Councillor:

  1. Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: The Clerk said that she would be sending a letter re Closure of Barclays bank in Newent to all parishioners on email. The Clerk told the councillors that GAPTC wanted there to be an email address that councillor could use if they required advice and the Clerk would be sending This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to GAPTC.


As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.


Balance at Bank 31 March 2017            
Current Account       7811.99    
Less Outstanding cheque       233.20   7578.79
Precept       5279.00    
Defibrillator Grant   )   500.00    
Co-op Interest       65.09   5844.09
Expenditure to end August 2017            
Staff Costs       1039.59    
Stationery & Postage       11.42    
Audit Fee       168.45    
Insurance       203.97    
Training       40.00    
Newsletter       40.00    
Subscriptions       128.79    
Website       19.18    
Grants       25.00    
Agm Expenses       17.26    
Tree Safety Survey       250.00    
VAT       55.60   1999.26
Bank Reconciliation            
Closing balances end August 2017            
Current Account           11,423.62
Approval Required September 2017 Chq No Power Budget Amount   Included in Figures above
Clerk's Expenses 500176 LG(FP)A 1963 S 5 Staff Costs 111.29   No
NALC (LCR) 500177   Admin 17.00   No
Clerk's salary SO LGA 1972 s 112(2) Staff Costs 235.54   Yes
Clerk's salary SO LGA 1972 s 112(2) Staff Costs 235.54   Yes
Nigel Warwick - Chairman            
Margaret Highton - RFO            

Clerk to Parish Council

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