5th February Minutes

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th February 2018 at 6.30pm

in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. Nigel Warwick, Cllr. David Clough, Cllr. Claire Barker, Cllr Catherine Gardner and Cllr. Graham Price.

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence: None

  1. Declaration of Interest: There were none.

  1. 3.Requests for Dispensations: There have been no requests.

  1. 4.Minutes

  1. Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes dated 8th January not covered elsewhere in the agenda plus Action Tracker: Action Tracker had been circulated to all councillors on 29th January and Clerk had nothing further to report.

  1. 6.Planning:
    1. a)Planning Application: Application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for further details. Fields adjacent to Conigree Road Newent – Prior notification for the erection of a water storage tank: After a discussion it was decided that the Parish Council’s response would be “Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council are unclear whether this application is for a second water tank or an amendment to the first water tank that was given permission on 10/03/2017 and has been built. The Parish Council questions why a second Water tank is required and whether the use of the field is changing, which could result in more vehicle movements and more workers on the land.”
    2. b)Planning Enforcement: Peter Williams had responded to the Clerk’s email stating that he would ask Alistair Chapmen to get in touch about the hedge opposite The Poplars but the Clerk had heard nothing from Mr Chapman.
    3. c)Planning Decisions: Oak House Aston Ingham Road Kilcot Newent: Conversion and alterations to existing stables to form annexed accommodation for dependent relatives has been approved.

  1. Agenda items for March meeting: Newsletter

  1. Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: None

As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.

Clerk to Parish Council

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Nigel Warwick
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