Minutes - 3rd September

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3rd September 2018 at 7.30pm

in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. David Clough (Vice Chairman), Cllr. Graham Price, Cllr. Claire Barker, Cllr Catherine Gardner and Cllr Nigel Poole,

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk)

In the absence of Cllr. Nigel Warwick, Cllr. David Clough chaired the meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence:

  1. Declaration of Interest: None

  1. 3.Requests for Dispensations: There had been no requests.

  1. 4.Minutes

  1. Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes 6th August not covered elsewhere in the agenda and Action Tracker: The Action Tracker had been circulated to all councillors. There was no Clerk’s Report.

  1. Co-option of Councillor: No progress had been made however, as in November 2018, it will be only six months until the election, and the Clerk suggested that the vacancy be left open.

  1. 7.B4221 and related Matters:
    1. a)Responses from Andrew Middlecote re Highway Matters and Parish Roads Review: A letter from AM was received on 24th August acknowledging the roads review and stating that the areas of concern would be inspected. He has taken pictures of the makeshift grid at Burrups lane/B4221 junction and is asking Amey for a solution. Clerk was asked to chase up progress in a month.
    2. b) Speedwatch Rota: Speedwatch Equipment would be delivered to the Clerk on Thursday 27th September. A rota had been sent out to all trained to do Speedwatch and this was amended in the meeting.
    3. c)Dates for Joint Meeting with Linton PC: The Clerk at Linton PC will set up a Doodle account to arrange a date for a joint meeting to discuss matters that concern both parishes including speeding on B4221.
    4. d)Response from Herefordshire Council re Weight Limit on B4222: Herefordshire Council stated that we are now 52 out of 105 schemes. It was agreed to do nothing except continue to monitor the situation.

  1. 8.Financial Matters:
    1. a)Payments made in the last two months and accounts to be paid:

  1. 9.Planning Matters:
    1. Enforcement matters: No response has been received from Forest of Dean District Council although the Clerk chased on 28th August. Clerk asked to continue chasing for a response.
    2. Planning Appeal Decisions: Briery Hill House Briery Hill Lane Kilcot - Change of use of agricultural land for the stationing of a shepherd hut for holiday letting and for the provision of two car parking spaces has been agreed.
  2. Dementia Action Alliance:

  1. SLCC Regional Workshop:

  1. Newent Town Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan: Newent Town Council have started the process to have a Neighbourhood Development Plan and asked if Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council wanted any input to the Plan. It was decided that Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council would like to be informed of the progress of the plan and may want to have input on roads and services that may affect the Parish.

  1. Biosphere Reserve in Forest of Dean District Meeting on 2nd October: Nobody was available to go to this meeting.

  1. Items for the next meeting’s agenda: Community Emergency Plan

  1. Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: The Clerk had a copy of the latest training events from GAPTC.


As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.

These minutes will be approved at the next Parish Council Meeting

Clerk to Parish Council

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Nigel Warwick
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