Minutes 5th November 2018

A Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th November 2018 at 7.30pm

in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. Nigel Warwick (Chairman) Cllr. Claire Barker, and Cllr Nigel Poole,

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence:

  1. Declaration of Interest: None

  1. 3.Requests for Dispensations: There had been no requests.

  1. 4.Minutes

  1. Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes of 3rd September not covered elsewhere in the agenda and Action Tracker: The Action Tracker had been circulated to all councillors. There was no Clerk’s Report.

  1. 6.Matters relating to the Clerk:
    1. a)Clerk’s Appraisal:
    2. b)Recruitment of New Clerk: The Clerk had prepared Job Advertisements, a Job Description and Clerk’s Employment Contract, which had been circulated to all councillors. It was agreed that the closing date for applications should be Friday 11thJanuary and the applications could be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 14th January. Advertisements to be placed in New Ad, on Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council’s website, GAPTC Noticeboard, Parish Noticeboards and advertised through SLCC Gloucester Branch. It was agreed that the New Clerk would be given a new Parish Council Computer and Printer and would be offered the Filing Cabinet brought by Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council for the present Clerk.

  1. Registration of Kilcot Green and Aston Common: The Clerk had been informed by Mr Taylor from Hedley’s that the conditional registration for Kilcot Green would last 10 years and then Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council could apply for full registration. The Land Registry had sent a letter stating that they would not register Aston Common as the Parish Council had not done enough work on it. The Council felt that this was a “chicken & egg” situation as they had been informed that as the Common was ownerless, the council could only do work to prevent intrusion on the Common i.e. Vehicle Barriers.

  1. Timetable for Letter to Parishioners re New Council and Newsletter: As there is a Parish Council Election in May 2019, it was agreed that the Parish Council would send out a letter to encourage new Councillors after the January meeting. A newsletter will be sent after the May meeting introducing the new Councillors to the Parish. The Clerk asked that Councillors would look at the letter sent in 2015 and suggest any amendments. ACTION: Councillors to send amendments to Clerk

  1. 9.B4221 and related Matters:
    1. a)Responses from Andrew Middlecote re Highway Matters and Parish Roads Review: An email from AM was received on 24th October and he had asked Amey to look at all the major areas of concern. Councillors had been sent a copy of this email and agreed to check the roads mentioned that they had checked originally in a month to see if any work had been done. AM is going to look at the grid at the Junction of Burrups lane and B4221 in the week beginning 5th November with Amey to agree a solution.
    2. b) Speedwatch: The equipment was used 8 times during the period 28th September until 10th October. The figures had been sent to all councillors and to PCSO Sue Pritchard. The Clerk had also sent PCSO Pritchard a copy of the sheets completed during each session and details of the drivers exceeding the speed limit. 207 drivers were recorded driving above 40mph in a 40mph limit out of 1888 cars recorded i.e. 11%
    3. c)Dates for Joint Meeting with Linton PC: Nothing has been heard from Linton PC.
    4. d)Lack of progress by Gloucestershire County Council implementing the LTP: There was a measure in the Local Transport plan to reduce through HGV traffic on District routes such as B4221 but no action has been seen by Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council. There appears to be more HGV’s using the B4221 to access the M50. It was agreed that Cllr. Nigel Warwick would draft a letter for the Clerk for comments by other Councillors and then send pointing out that no action has been seen. ACTION: Cllr. Nigel Warwick to draft letter and send to Clerk.

  1. 10.Financial Matters:
    1. a)Payments made in the last two months and accounts to be paid: proposed and Cllr. Nigel Poole seconded, and it was agreed unanimously that the payments on the sheet attached to these minutes could be made in accordance with the budget.
    2. b)Lead member for Finance Report: The Clerk reported Cllr. Graham Price had checked the accounts and stated that everything was in order.
    3. c)Payment of Clerk’s Gratuity:
    4. d)Budget- 2019/2020: A draft budget had been circulated to all councillors. After discussion, Cllr. Claire Barker proposed, Cllr. Nigel Warwick seconded, and it was agreed unanimously to adopt the budget.
    5. e)Precept – 2019/2020: It was decided to place this on the January agenda

  1. 11.Planning Matters:
    1. Planning Application: Holmbury, Kempley Road Gorsley – Ere3ctioon of Replacement Garage and associated works. Demolition of existing garage: After a discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council response would be “No Objections”.
    2. Enforcement matters: No response had been received from Forest of Dean District Council although the Clerk chased on 22nd October and 1st November so the Clerk phoned Forest of Dean District Council on 5th November and spoke to Ryan Morgan Planning Enforcement Technician. No progress on Box Bush Barn. Enforcement officer had visited Mr Harper’s Land on 30th April and sent a letter on 29th June but nothing seemed to have happened since then, this case has been given a new number EN/0095/17. Ryan Morgan will ask the Enforcement Officer to update the Parish Council. No action has been taken re the Land at Conigree, the Clerk was given an email address for all new enforcement cases that are dealt with by a new member of staff, and the Clerk has sent the information on Land near Conigree to the new email address.
    3. Planning Appeal Decisions: None
  2. Public Rights of Way in Parish: The amendment to the footpath on the Land at Conigree is still with Gloucestershire County Council but Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council will be asked to comment on the proposal. Suzanne Hope has sent the landowner at The Lodge a yellow sticker to place on his gate to show that the footpath goes through the gate and along his drive as there had been confusion about the position of the footpath. Suzanne Hope is investigating the report of a locked gate on GGK/8/1. In respect of GGK 31 in Kilcot Wood, the fence has been moved and Cllr. Nigel Warwick meet with the land agent of the owner of the majority of Kilcot Wood who is happy with the line of the fence and two new stiles have been put in. There is still the stile that was in the wrong place to be removed. There is still at least one horse using Stony Lane although “No Horses” signs are in place. There is no timescale at the moment for the modification order re Kilcot Wood/Spring Wood to be resolved.

  1. Community Emergency Plan: The Clerk had done Amendments and the amended copy had been circulated to all councillors. Cllr. Nigel Warwick proposed, Cllr. Claire Barker seconded that the amended Community Emergency Plan should be approved and sent to all holders.

  1. Training Policy: Clerk had done Amendments and the amended copy had been circulated to all councillors. Cllr. Claire Barker proposed, Cllr. Nigel Warwick seconded that the amended Training Policy should be approved and sent to all councillors.

  1. Items for the next meeting’s agenda:
    1. a)Precept
    2. b)Applications received for Clerk’s Role
    3. c)Letter re New Councillors

  1. Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: None


As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Budget for 2019/2020

Balance 31/3/18                                    8247.19

Expected Income:                                  6060.64


Expected Expenditure:                          7460.01

Proposed Balance on 31/3/19:               6847.82                                                                                                                                £  150.00 is earmarked for Election Expenses

                                                            £ 295.00 is earmarked for a Community Project

                                                            £ 449.88 is remaining from Transparency Grant

                                                            £1277.54 is earmarked for work on Kilcot Green

Therefore reserves available to spend on 1/04/19 is estimated at £ 4675.40

Good practise states that reserves should be between ¼ and 1 times the annual precept i.e. between £1346.25 and £5385.00

I have made the following assumptions:

New Clerk will be earning under £10,000 and therefore does not legally have to be provided with a pension by the Parish Council.

Redundancy Fund Reserve was set up in case Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council failed in its first few years of existence.

Advertising in New Ad costs for ¼ page

Salary based on SCP Point 18 = £9.808 per hour

Training for Clerk: Clerk The Knowledge part 1, 2 & 3 plus ILCA

Training for 2 new councillors


  Budget Expenditure Forecast Exp  Budget
  2018/2019     2019/2020
Mileage/Home Allow 350.00 154.35 350.00 350.00
Clerk's Gratuity     1378.00  
Salaries 2827.00 1441.44 2882.88 2353.92
Staff Costs 3177.00 1595.79 4610.88 2703.92
Stationery/Postage 120.00 17.41 80.00 120.00
Newsletter 80.00 45.00 90.00 90.00
Insurance 205.00 183.57 183.57 190.00
Audit 175.00 174.85 174.85 185.00
Subscriptions 290.00 132.08 284.08 265.00
Room Hire 245.00   245.00 255.00
LCAS 100.00      
Chairman’s All 100.00   100.00 100.00
Computer/Print/Phon     600.00  
Advert New Clerk     46.80  
Website 100.00 19.18 69.18 100.00
Administration 1415.00 572.09 1873.48 1305.00
Counller's Mileage 50.00     50.00
Training 150.00 40.00 342.50 400.00
Grants & Donations 100.00   100.00 100.00
Election Exps 0.00     146.00
VAT 0.00 3.00 10.00  
AGM Expenses 25.00 23.15 23.15 25.00
Other 325.00 66.15 475.65 721.00
Work on Kilcot Gr 500.00     750.00
Registration 100.00   500.00  
Amenities 600.00 0.00 500.00 750.00
Bk Acc Totals 5517.00 2234.03 7460.01 5479.92
Clerk’s Pension 100.00   97.15  
Clerk’s Red' Fund 90.00   85.84  
Kilcot Green reserve 50.00   50.00 50.00
Sub Total 5757.00 2234.03 7693.00 5529.92
Contingency 150.00   300.00 300.00
TOTAL 5907.00 2234.03 7993.00 5829.92
Other Income 19.00   19.15 19.15
VAT   656.49 656.49 10.00
Precept  5279.00 5385.00 5385.00 5385.00
Income Total  5298.00 6041.49 6060.64



These minutes will be approved at the next Parish Council Meeting


Date of latest action in minutes



Delegated to

Gloucestershire County Council’s consultation on Definitive Map Modification Order re Spring Wood

09/05/16 21)

After 10 years, Gloucestershire County Council decided on Modification Order re Spring Wood. Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council sent letter of objection in March 2016

Uncontested Modification order will be dealt with first. 8/9/16 – Spoke to Juliette Walker – Could be another 9/12 months. PC will be contacted when it is considered.

Chased 01/08/2017 – No progress

Chased 18/06/2018 & 5/11/2018 – No progress

Cllr. Nigel Warwick/Clerk

Weight Limit on B4222

14/11/2016 9 d)

09/01/17 12 b)

02/07/2018 5 b)

Herefordshire Council written to, to request the Weight Limit. It has been considered and placed on the list.

Tool Kit sent to Clerk by Email on 4/10 and sent to P Cllrs 11/2016 Letter sent to Amey on 6/1 re signs at Kempley Rd Reply rec’s 14/02 RG said 28/04 that Gloucestershire County Council would give a TRO due consideration. AM on 13/02/18 informed of situation and agreed to raise the matter with his improvement team. Herefordshire Council chased 06/18 and 06/08 – Harry Bramer willing to support Email rec’d 14/08 52 out of 105

Cllr. Nigel Warwick/ Clerk

Drainage at B4222/B4221 Junction

14/11/2016 9 a)

9/01/17 12 a)

13/11/17 11 b)

08/01/18 10 c)

14/05/18 21 a)

02/07/2018 7a)

Blocked drain and pool of water whenever it rains heavily as gully not in right place

Meeting with Drainage team and RG 02/03. New gullies to be fitted on Aston Ingham Road and other work on junction to be done after Catchment survey and gulley survey done. 11/07 gullies were jetted 15/09 –RG suggested that the gully on B4221 needs a concrete apron from the carriageway to direct water into it.

RG will advise Drainage Team of changed situation where water is now going onto fence at Poona and let us know their plans. RG sent the Clerk, the report re the camera survey on 13/11 and asked if Parish Council was willing to contribute to £7K scheme. Cllr. Nigel Warwick sent RG photographs of Poona pooling. RG said he will advise us of programme date – 23/01 AM on 13/02 looked at problem and would keep PC informed of progress

AM stated that no money in budget for this year 18/19.

Map of planned work sent 17/07

Cllr. Nigel Warwick/ Clerk


Date of latest action in minutes



Delegated to

EN/0456/11 – Mr Harper’s land at Kempley Road

04/09/17 10 b)

02/06/2018 9 b)

Forest of Dean District Council issued an Enforcement Notice on 22 March 2016 against the authorised use for the storage of machinery, etc. in the field at Little Bull Hill, Kempley Road, Gorsley

Enforcement officer reported 12/04: The site was visited on 11 January 2017. Horse shelter in the field, including one heavy goods flat-bed trailer and two items of builders’ equipment stored on the land.   Letter is to be written to the owners requesting compliance. A 14 day deadline will be given.  This letter will be sent tomorrow. Letter sent to Sue Pangbourne 02/10 as no progress reported Email received from Peter Williams 11/10 – There has been Correspondence between Mr Harper   and Enforcement Officer, who has taken legal advice. If unauthorised items not removed, then formal action will be taken. Enforcement looking at site 30/04/2018 and letter sent to Mr Harper 29/06/18


EN/0213/15 – Box Bush Barns

04/09/17 10 b)

A Breach of Condition Notice as holiday let was being used as a residential Unit was issued on 14 February 2011, which means that the clock stopped for the unit to potentially become lawful.

Enforcement officer reported 12/04: There is a complex history relating to this site that includes the Council issuing a Breach of Condition Notice in 2011 against use of holiday unit as residential dwelling.   A further site inspection is schedule for the 19th April 2017.  However, due to the on-going investigations it would not be prudent for me to expand beyond this at this stage without potentially prejudicing future action, which I trust you will appreciate.

Letter sent to Sue Pangbourne   02/10 as no progress reported Email received from Peter Williams 11/10 – Investigation remains ongoing

Chased 5/11/2018 No progress



Date of latest action in minutes



Delegated to

Land opposite the Poplars

04/09/17 10 b)

08/01/17 12 a)

14/05/18 22 b)

02/06/2018 9 b)

Hedge has been removed plus many trees from field. Only access is from B4221

Reported to EO and PROW on 6/12/16 PROW not willing to do anything at present. EO reported 12/04: Several site visits have been undertaken to this site and investigation are ongoing to establish whether a breach of The Hedgerow Legislation 1997 has occurred in this instance.. Letter sent to Sue Pangbourne 02/10 as no progress reported Email rec’d from Peter Williams 11/10 – No evidence of could be obtained re removal of hedge in legal breach so matter has been closed. Email sent to P Williams on 4/12 stating PC’s belief that there was a hedge there and stating PC’s disquiet at decision. PW replied saying he had asked Alistair Chapman to contact PC. AC contacted PC and said as no written evidence had been rec’d case was closed although he was talking to Forest of Dean District Council legal department re time issues.. Clerk replied stating that no written evidence re hedge had been requested. 5 parishioners have now provided evidence – 5/18 . Hedgerow Replacement Notice was sent dated 13/07/2018

Cllr. Graham Price /Clerk

Gullies along B4221 between church and North Pole Lane:

08/01/18 10c)

14/05/18 21 a)

Gullies along B4221 between church and North Pole Lane are blocked and gully outside Old School House is dangerous

Site meeting held with RG on 15/09 RG will check when they have been cleared

Gully by Old School House – RG will look for a solution. Chased 22/01/18 – Gloucestershire County Council/Amey advised Clerk no problem according to Safety Inspector on 24/1 so Clerk requested that safety inspector took another look on 25/1 AM on 13/02 looked at problem and has asked Highways Safety Inspector to look at the gully. AM reported 11/06/2018 grid inspected and no safety defect Letter sent and reply received 17/07stating it will be looked at again.



Date of latest action in minutes



Delegated to

Gullies at B4221/Burrups Lane

02/06/2018 7 a)

Sunray in Burrups Lane was suffering from the garden flooding due to Blocked gullies and the gully in B4221 which appeared to be a hole covered by Metal Mesh. GH were not responding to the land owner

AM written to 5/18 11/06/18 – Gullies have been cleaned out.After email sent to AM reply rec’d 17/07 to say that mesh top to gully has been raised with Area Highway Rep 27/8 – Am said he had taken photographs and would be asking Amey about a solution AM having site meeting with Amey 11/18

Clerk/Cllr. Graham Price

Registration of Common Land

09/01/17 11)

13/11/17 14)

Council agreed to register Kilcot Green and Aston Common

Documents sent to Roger Taylor at Hedley’s Solicitors in January 2017 Response received 21/10 with documents   signed by Clerk after meeting on 13/11. Letter received from R Taylor asking questions re AC and Commoners rights on KG– Answered by Clerk on 26/02. KG given conditional registration – 3/18 Letter rec’d 3/10 stating that there was not enough evidence for Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council to be registered as owner


Review of Roads

02/06/2018 7 c)

Review of all roads in Parish done by Parish Councillors in June/July 2018

Sent to AM – 16/07/2018 Letter rec’d   stating that matters were been investigated


Footpaths in Kilcot Wood

02/07/2018 5 a)

Several parishioners have raised concerns about the new fencing in Kilcot Wood and how it has affected the Footpaths

Footpath officer meet with landowners and entrance to Kilcot Wood will be put back to original position and footpath reinstated. Other paths through Kilcot Wood that now are fenced off were only permissive paths.

Clerk/Cllr. Nigel Warwick

Footpath across land owned by Haygrove from Conigree to B4221

02/06/2018 5 a)

GGK 36/2 has been diverted for part of its route

11/07 Footpath Officer is aware of the diversion and a footpath diversion request has been submitted to Gloucestershire County Council but GKPC has not yet rec’d notice.


Land bordering Conigree and B4221

14/5/2018 22 b)

Parishioner have complained about the amount of work been done to this agricultural site like roads and concreting

EO at Forest of Dean District Council written to on 16/04 and chased on 16/07 with no response Chased 28/08 and 5/11






Clerk to Parish Council

Arin Spencer Mobile: 07484 619582 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nigel Warwick
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