Minutes - 1 July 2019


Held on Monday 1st July 2019 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room Christ Church, Gorsley

Present:                Cllr Nigel Warwick (Chairman), Cllr David Clough (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Graham Price, Cllr Steve Excell, Cllr Nigel Poole, Cllr Catherine Gardner                

In attendance:     Mrs Arin Spencer (Clerk)

34                        RECEIVED Apologies for Absence from Cllr John Barker

35                        Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda. None received.

36                        Requests for dispensation regarding items on the agenda. None received.

37                        APPROVED and signed the minutes of the Council meeting held on 3rd June 2019 as a correct record.

38                        Financial Matters:

38.1                  APPROVED the following payments as per the Cheque Approval Sheet:


Chq No




Clerk’s Salary (May)


LGA 1972 s112(2)

Staff Costs

£ 196.16

Clerk’s Salary (June)


LGA 1972 s112(2)

Staff Costs

£ 196.16

NALC Mag Subscription


LGA 1972 s111


£   17.00

Clerk’s Expenses


LG(FP)A 1963 S 5

Staff Costs

£   40.16

GRCC Subscription


LGA 1972 s111


£   25.00

GAPTC Internal Audit


LGA 1972 s111


£ 175.75

38.2                  APPROVED and signed Clerk’s expenses schedule for 2019/2020

39                        Planning Matters:

39.1                  RECEIVED following planning decision:

39.1.1           P0076/19/FUL Barn at Little Bull Hill, Kempley Road, Gorsley HR9 7EF

                 Status: Application Refused

39.2                  CONSIDERED the following planning appeal:

39.2.1           P0147/19/LBC Briery Hill House, Briery Hill Lane, Kilcot GL18 1NH

Council’s original response to this application was ‘No objections’.

Resolved: To make no further comment.

39.2.2           To CONSIDER and comment on the following planning application amendment: P0750/19/FUL Orchard House, Aston Ingham Road, Kilcot GL18 1NP.

Resolved: No objection.

39.3                  CONSIDERED progress of enforcement action required in parish.

39.3.1           Enforcement action is ongoing at Little Bull Hill. Enforcement team will update Council when investigation is concluded.

39.3.2           Enforcement team is taking legal advice on options regarding reinstatement of the hedge on the land opposite the Poplars.

40                        Clerks Report

40.1                  Lead Member for Finance will report on the accounts for March – July at the September meeting.

40.2                  Cllr Excell will attend the GAPTC course ‘Being a Better Councillor’ on 5 September

41                        DISCUSSED reduction of HGV traffic passing through Gorsley and Kilcot and the reply and HGV traffic statistics received from Gloucestershire Highways.

Council made the following observations:

-          there was a spike in HGV traffic during 2017, not a reduction in 2018

-          it is not clear from the figures whether HGV traffic is local or passing through

-          this makes them meaningless in terms of implementation of the LTP and reduction of HGV traffic

-          the location of the counter means the figures do not reflect how much traffic is going up the B4222 where council would like to see a weight limit imposed

Resolved: To send a letter to Local Highways Manager, Andrew Middlecote, commenting as above. Action: Clerk to draft letter.

42                        CONSIDERED action required in respect of tree safety.

The advice of Council’s insurer, BHIB, is as follows:

-          Regularly assess trees for risks

-          Avoid overhanging branches

-          Have a structured tree inspection plan in place

-          If a tree is ta risk, put actions in place to legally remove or repair the tree to avoid personal injury or property damage.

                 Action: Clerk to send example of a Tree Management Policy to Cllr Warwick.

43                        CONSIDERED the repair or replacement of the Kilcot Green Noticeboard

The noticeboard, currently with Cllr Warwick, may be salvageable. If so, it will need a new back and two hardwood poles as a bare minimum.

Action: Cllr Warwick to investigate and report back at the September meeting on whether the noticeboard can be repaired.

44                        CONSIDERED attending the following meetings:

44.1                  Chartered Parishes Group Meeting on 5 September at 19:00 (GL3 1HX)

Action: Clerk to attend for council.

44.2                  Linton PC Road Speed Meeting on 3 July at 12:00 (venue TBC)

Action: Clerk to attend for council. Cllr Warwick and Cllr Price may attend.

45                        RECEIVED items for the September meeting agenda

Kilcot Green Noticeboard

Tree Safety

Wordpress Website

Registration of Common Land - Aston Common

Discuss B4221 Traffic

46                        Councillors’/Clerk’s Submissions. None received.

47                        Next meeting

CONFIRMED that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 2 September 2019 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room at Christ Church, Gorsley.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 20:26

Clerk to Parish Council

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Nigel Warwick
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