Minutes - 7 October 2019


Held on Monday 7th October 2019 at 6:30pm in the Upper Room Christ Church, Gorsley

Present:               Cllr Nigel Warwick (Chairman), Cllr Graham Price, Cllr Steve Excell, Cllr Nigel Poole, Cllr John Barker, Cllr Catherine Gardner       

In attendance:     Mrs Arin Spencer (Clerk)

65                        Apologies for Absence received from Cllr David Clough.

66                        Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensation.

Cllr Steve Excell declared a personal interest in item 68.2.2 (Planning Application P1387/19/FUL) as he is a near neighbour of the applicant.

67                        Minutes

Resolved: Approved and signed the minutes of the Council meeting held on 2nd September 2019 as a correct record nem. con.

68                        Planning Matters

  1. To RECEIVE planning decisions - None received.
  2. To COMMENT on new planning applications received:
    1. 2.1P1386/19/FUL Brookfield Cottage, Sterrys Lane, Gorsley

Erection of a stable block with attached hay and feed store for equine use.

Resolved: No objections.

Action: Clerk to notify planning officer that the application is confusing due to incorrect use of building names resulting in the applicant being listed as a consultee on their own application. The building is Brookfield Cottage, not Brookfield House.

Cllr Steve Excell left the meeting.

  1. P1387/19/FUL Briery Hill House, Briery Hill Lane, Kilcot, Newent GL18 1NH

Proposed weddings and events use of the house and garden, together with the erection of an orangery and associated works. Demolition of Aviary.

Resolved: Object

Action: Clerk to send the following response to the Planning Officer –

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council has no objection to the demolition of the aviary and erection of an orangery but objects to the use of the house and garden for weddings and events. 

The Parish Council's reasons for objecting are as follows:

1. The proposal is for use of the venue for weddings and “other social events”; the latter being extremely vague. Council believes the application needs to provide far more detail as to what constitutes "other social events" (para 2.1 Design and Access Statement), together with clarifying the total number of events per annum as the current proposal could be read as an unspecified number of weddings and 15 other social events.

2.  Of much greater concern is the impact on highway safety which has been glossed over by the statement in para 5.4 of the Design Access Statement, plus the absence of any input /comment from Highways. 

Briery Hill House is accessed via a narrow lightly used country lane which leaves the busy B4221 at the top of a blind summit.  While the location may be highly accessible to the local and regional road network, Council questions that there is good visibility turning in or out of Brierley Hill Lane as local experience is that it is a difficult junction to navigate safely, particularly for larger vehicles. 

Also, while accepting that this is an existing lane, there is no doubt that the proposal will significantly increase the amount of traffic using Briery Hill Lane.  While noting the owner’s desire to utilise coaches and minibuses for guests there is no indication of how this might be achieved, nor recognition that large coaches turning out of Briery Hill Lane, particularly towards Newent, could create a greater safety risk than any number of cars.

A wedding for 150 guests could potentially bring upwards of 75 guest vehicles to the venue in addition to the caterer, florist, lighting company, décor company, marquee, DJ or music performers, event staff etc.  As a result Council objects on the grounds that the increased volume of traffic turning into and out of Briery Hill Lane for events would have an unacceptable impact on highways safety, contrary to NPPF para 109.

  1. P1388/19/LBC Briery Hill House, Briery Hill Lane, Kilcot, Newent GL18 1NH

Listed building consent for the erection of an orangery and associated works. Demolition of Aviary.

Resolved: No objections.

Cllr Steve Excell rejoined the meeting.

  1. P1463/19/FUL Orchard House, Blue Lane, Kilcot, Newent GL18 1NG

     Erection of a two storey side extension with associated works.

     Resolved: No objections.

  1. Enforcement Action

The Clerk advised Council that no further progress had been made regarding enforcement action in the parish.

69                        FoDDC Local Plan 2021-2041 Consultation

It was observed that the Settlement Hierarchy for the FoDDC categorises the Parish of Gorsley & Kilcot as “a small settlement without defined settlement boundaries and as such is regarded as part of open countryside and generally unsuitable for new development”.

Following a brief discussion, and taking the above into account, Council agreed not to respond to this stage of the consultation.

70                        NALC Policy Consultation on 5G Mobile Coverage in Rural Areas

Council discussed the NALC policy consultation on 5G mobile coverage in rural areas and resolved

To comment that it supports the NALC policy and agrees that even if larger or taller masts are allowed, all heights of masts should still be subject to a full planning application and proper consultation with local councils.

71                        Correspondence

  1. Newent Cycling Group (NCG)
  2. To CONSIDER drafting a note of support for the Newent Cycling Group proposal to install a bridge for cyclists and walkers on the downstream side of the Oxenhall Lane Ford (funding for the project arranged by NCG)

It was observed that there is a dilapidated footbridge on footpath no 5 over the ford which was reported to Public Rights of Way in September. Following further discussion Council resolved to send the following letter to Local Area Highways Manager, Andrew Middlecote:

Oxenhall Lane Ford – Footbridge and Road Safety

It has been brought to the Council’s notice that the footbridge that crosses the brook a few yards downstream from the Oxenhall Lane Ford is in a dangerous condition (Footpath No 5 – Parish Map) and most likely beyond repair. Council understands that this footbridge was erected approximately 40 years ago, and Footpath 5 was created purely to provide access to the bridge, although at present it is almost impossible to use it.

We are aware that the Newent Cycling Group is in discussion with Highways regarding a safe method of traversing the ford; their desire to find a solution has the full support of the Council. Ahead of any solution, we remain concerned that the bottom of the ford is extremely slippery due to a build-up of algae which has been the cause of several accidents.

Given that we appear to now have 2 issues at the one location, one Highways and one PROW, we would like to suggest a meeting of all parties with the aim of arriving at a single integrated solution to both issues.

Action: Clerk to send letter.

  1. AM Services Landscaping

Council will retain the contact details of AM Services Landscaping for future reference.

72                        Next meeting

To CONFIRM that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 4 November 2019 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room at Christ Church, Gorsley.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 19:20

Clerk to Parish Council

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