Minutes - 04 November 2019



Held on Monday 4th November 2019 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room Christ Church, Gorsley

Present:               Cllr Nigel Warwick (Chairman), Cllr David Clough (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Graham Price, Cllr Steve Excell, Cllr John Barker, Cllr Catherine Gardner

In attendance:     Mrs Arin Spencer (Clerk), District Cllr Roger Yeates, two (2) representatives of Cheltenham Motor Club

Chairman Warwick opened the meeting and welcomed Councillors and those in attendance. District Cllr Roger Yeates was invited to report on district council business.

Cllr Yeates reported that a bid to take over the centre of Worcester had failed at the 11th hour due to a 1% increase in the interest rate from the firm that was to fund the project. The increased cost of borrowing made the project unviable.

District council has subsequently invested in a park in the Cotswolds which is bringing in some revenue. Additionally, a joint contract with Publica to deal with waste in the district will provide cost savings over the next three years.

Another planning enforcement officer has been employed as enforcement staff spend a lot of time held up in court.

73                        Apologies for Absence received from Cllr Nigel Poole.

74                        Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensation. None.

75                        Feedback from Cheltenham Motor Club on Three Shires Stages Rally

Jeff Wheeler, representing Cheltenham Motor Club, gave some background information and provided feedback on the Three Shires Stages Rally held on 7 September 2019.

The Law. At the end of 2017 a new law was passed under the Road Traffic Act allowing public roads to be closed for motor sport.

                 The Process. Local councils on a proposed route are consulted around eight to ten months ahead of time and a permit is issued six months before the scheduled event.

                 Informing the Public. Once the permit is issued organisers go door to door to inform every resident on the route about the event. Two weeks before the event residents on the closed route receive a handbook detailing everything they need to know to prepare.

                 Next event in 2020. The Three Shires Stages Rally will be taking place again on 6 September 2020. To reduce disruption to residents on the closed route the organisers have scheduled the event on a Sunday and have mapped out an extended route so that competitors do two laps of the route instead of three.

Councillors were invited by Mr Wheeler to comment on their experience of the event.

A councillor mentioned that the handbooks went out to some residents at the last minute.

Mr Wheeler advised that the person tasked with sending them out failed to do so on time and confirmed that measures would be taken to ensure this does not happen again.

The owners of Haywood Farm, a local caravan site, would have liked to have been informed but were not told anything because they were not on the closed route. While there was alternative access to the site, the better access for caravans was closed and had they been informed the owners could have notified their guests.

The Mr Wheeler confirmed that this was their first event of this kind in this area and they would extend the public consultation for the next event to include neighbouring properties and parishes that might be affected.

Council observed that in general it had been a well-run event and they looked forward to the next one. Action: Council agreed to confirm this in writing to the Highways Authority to balance out some of the more negative feedback that has been given via that channel.

Council requested an electronic version of the resident handbook be sent to the parish council ahead of the next event which Mr Wheeler agreed to arrange.

He also agreed to email Council an action plan for the eight areas (out of a total fifty) mentioned in the Motorsport UK safety report where improvement was needed.

76                        Minutes

Resolved: Approved and signed the minutes of the Council meeting held on 7th October 2019 as a correct record nem. con.

77                        Planning Matters

  1. 1New Planning Applications:
    1. 1.1P1555/19/FUL Hartleys Barn, Ross Road, Gorsley

Proposal: Conversion of garage to annexe ancillary to main dwelling including associated works.

Council discussed the application and raised the following points:

Is the planning officer aware that the building was previously a chicken shed?

How is the application possible given the way the original building was approved?

The proposal is for a separate self-contained annexe. If this is rented out it would result in additional traffic on the lane.

Resolved to comment as follows:

Given that the dwelling is a conversion from an agricultural building, Council is surprised that the applicant can extend the footprint of the original building in this way and would be interested to know whether any restrictions will be placed on the purpose for which this separate self-contained annexe can be used.

Action: Clerk to send response to planning officer.

  1. 2Noted the following planning decisions:
    1. 2.1P0147/19/LBC APP/P1615/Y/19/3228936 - Briery Hill House, Kilcot, Newent

Proposal: Listed Building Consent for the proposed replacement of windows in north east elevation and repainting of all other windows.

Decision: The appeal is allowed in part (repainting of windows) but is otherwise dismissed (replacement windows)

78                        Highways

  1. 1Traffic on B4221
  2. 1.1There was accident on the B4221 outside Normanhurst involving three cars.
  3. 1.2Traffic diverted onto Kews Lane due to a broken-down caravan has damaged the verges.
  4. 1.3A councillor driving 40mph on the B4221 very nearly collided with a vehicle turning out of Briery Hill Lane. Had it been a large coach there would have been a serious accident.
  5. 1.4There is no further news from Herefordshire on implementation of a weight limit on the B4222.
  6. 2Local Transport Plan

The Local Transport Plan (2015 – 2031) is in the early stages of a review. Formal consultation will take place in the spring of 2020 during a 10-12week public consultation.

The Local Transport Plan is on the agenda for the Chartered Parishes Meeting on 4 December. Cllr Warwick (Chairman) will attend the meeting for Council and will ask why, four years into the Local Transport Plan nothing has been done about reducing HGV traffic passing through rural parishes.

  1. 3Speedwatch– confirmed Speedwatch rota for November/December 2019

79                        Footpaths

Noted Public Path Diversion and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order in respect of public footpath GGK 36. (Appendix 1)

80                        Registration of Common Land – Aston Common

A councillor observed that the large oak tree on Aston Common will need to be looked at by a professional as if some of its branches come down in adverse weather it will take out the internet in the area.

Council has made significant efforts to register ownership of Aston Common but, even though its legal obligations in respect of the land are being met, Council remains unable to meet the Land Registry’s requirements. There is therefore nothing further that Council can do at present.

81                        Kilcot Green Maintenance

The last tree assessment was done in 2017. Next assessment is due in 2020.

  • One low risk tree recommended for removal still needs to come down.

Action: Cllr Warwick to remove the tree.

  • Three larger trees need looking at and require working at height so will need the services of a tree surgeon.
  • Ivy removal is required.
  • Branches overhanging the road at Kilcot Hill need cutting back.
  • The ditch in lower wood needs to be cleared out.
  • The picnic area needs clearing.
  • The oak tree on Aston Common needs to be assessed.
  • Low brush towards the top end of Kilcot Green could do with being removed.

Action: Cllr Warwick (Chairman) to get quotes for removal of the three trees.

Action: Clerk to send previous quotes obtained to Cllr Warwick.

82                        Gloucestershire Charter

Following a brief discussion, Council

Resolved: to sign the Gloucestershire Charter.

83                        Financial Matters:

  1. 1Noted Co-op Bank Statement dated 30/09/2019 reflecting a balance of £10,820.17
  2. 2Noted Bank Reconciliation as at 30/09/2019
  3. 3Noted Budget Monitoring Statement as at 30/09/2019
  4. 4Resolved: Approved the following payments:


Chq No




Clerk’s Salary (Sept)


LGA 1972 s112(2)

Staff Costs

£ 196.16

GAPTC Training


LGA 1972 s111

Cllr Training

£   95.00



RPA 1983 s36(5)


£ 147.00

Clerk’s Salary (Oct)


LGA 1972 s112(2)

Staff Costs

£ 196.16

Clerk’s Expenses


LG(FP)A 1963 S 5

Staff Costs

£   28.24

GAPTC Training


LGA 1972 s111

Clerk Training

£   15.00

84                        Clerk’s Report

  1. 1Councillors were asked if they are aware of any rough sleepers in the parish.

Answer: None that Council is aware of.

  1. 2A bollard at the bus stop refuge at the bottom of Kilcot Hill has been knocked over. (what3words ///instilled.waddled.clays). Reported to Highways by Cllr Warwick.
  2. 3A safety barrier at the Ford Lane ford has been damaged. Reported to Highways by Cllr Warwick.
  3. 4Councillors were asked to confirm locations of grit bins in the parish for Highways.

Action: Clerk to send correct location of grit bins to Andrew Middlecote.

  1. 5The bus stop opposite Normanhurst needs cleaning out but may be possible to wait until spring. (what3words ///memo.salad.seducing)

85                        Noted list of correspondence received

Gloucestershire Environmental Trust – The Final Report: 1997 – 2019

Creative Play – The Outdoor Play Experts (Brochure)

Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2019

86                        Meetings to consider attending

  1. 1Cyber Security presentation by Gloucestershire Police on 13/11/19 at 10am in Bream
  2. 2GRCC Road Safety Event on 14/11/19 from 6-8pm in Northleach
  3. 3Stagecoach Briefing with District Cllr Paul Hiet on 18/11/19 at 6pm in Coleford
  4. 4Solar Streets Project Presentation on 27/11/19 at 6pm at FoDDC in Coleford

Following a brief discussion Council decided not to attend the above meetings.

87                        Items for January meeting agenda

  1. 1Agree budget
  2. 2Set precept and sign precept request form
  3. 3Documentation review

88                        Next meeting

Resolved: that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 6 January 2020 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room at Christ Church, Gorsley.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 21:19pm.


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