Minutes - 02 March 2020


Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held on Monday 2nd March 2020 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room Christ Church, Gorsley



Councillors:   Nigel Warwick (Chairman), David Clough (Vice-Chairman), Steve Excell, Catherine Gardner, Nigel Poole, Graham Price

Officers:         Arin Spencer (Parish Clerk and RFO)

100       Apologies for Absence: Cllr John Barker

101       Declarations of interest and requests for dispensation. None received.

102       Minutes of the meeting on 6th January 2020 had been circulated. Council resolved unanimously that the Chairman should sign the minutes dated 6th January as a true and correct record.

103       Planning

  1. 1Applications:

          P0141/20/FUL Erection of a first floor extension and a two storey extension with associated works at Brookfield Cottage Sterrys Lane Gorsley HR9 7AH

          During a brief discussion it was noted that the building is small and the ground floor extensions large in comparison. Council previously supported it being turned from a holiday home into a primary dwelling and it was generally agreed that where it is situated, the proposed plans will not affect anyone.

          Resolved unanimously that the Parish Council response would be “No Objections”.

  1. 2Decisions: None to report.
  2. 3Enforcement matters:
  3. EN/0062/17 Land Opposite the Poplars: Hedgerow Replacement Notice issued 6 July 2018. Councillors noted that there is now a SOLD sign on the property.

Action: Clerk to draft a letter to Alastair Chapman advising that the property has now been sold and there is a need to ensure that the enforcement action does not get lost in the process.

  1. EN/0095/17 Barn at Little Bull Hill: Unauthorised use of field for storage of construction equipment etc. Enforcement action and monitoring is ongoing.
  2. EN/0213/15 Box Bush Barns: Breach of Condition Notice issued 14/02/2011 – holiday let used as residential dwelling. No progress to date.

104       Highways / PROW

  1. 1GCC LocalTransport Plan Review

Council discussed the GCC Local Transport Plan Review and resolved to submit the response prepared by Cllr Warwick.

During the discussion Cllr Warwick observed that although Highways had suggested the removal of toll fees on the Severn Bridge had led to a decrease in HVG traffic in the area, the figures received had in fact shown a slight increase on the B4221 through Gorsley.

  1. 2Purchase of a Community Speed Watch Kit

Council considered purchasing a dedicated Community Speedwatch Kit for the parish at a cost of £150.

Councillors observed that speeding continues to be a problem along the B4221 and having permanent access to a Speed Watch Kit would enable trained volunteers to carry out speed checks more frequently throughout the year. (At present the kit is loaned from the police for a two week period once a year).

Resolved unanimously to purchase a Community Speed Watch Kit at a cost of £150.

Action: Cllr Warwick to ask David Collicott, Road Safety Campaigns Manager at Gloucestershire Constabulary) about putting up permanent signs either end of the B4221 through Gorsley and Kilcot stating that it is a “Community Speed Watch Area”.

  1. 3Other Highways / PROWmatters

Oxenhall Lane Ford

Cllr Price advised council that he had emailed Suzanne Hopes asking that the footbridge not be immediately replaced as Newent Cycling Group may be able to provide some funds towards the administrative costs of relocating it to alongside the ford.

Cllr Price had also drafted a letter to County Cllr Will Windsor-Clive explaining the problem with the current location of the footbridge and requesting assistance in the matter.

Action: Clerk to send letter as drafted to Cllr Windsor-Clive with a copy to Suzanne Hopes and Andrew Middlecote.

105       Open Spaces

  1. 1Council considered the offer of free trees for schools and communities from the Woodland Trust but concluded that there are no suitable locations in the parish where more trees could be planted.
  2. 2KilcotGreen

Cllr Warwick reported that work required has increased considerably since the adverse weather. He suggested a tree survey be done as soon as possible. Later in the year a contractor can be appointed to complete all the work required. Quotes need to be obtained for the survey, then quotes can be obtained for the work to be done once the birds are gone.

Council will also need to consider putting a grid in the outflow from the pond/scrape in Kilcot Green.

Action: Clerk to obtain paperwork from previous survey, arrange for two other quotes and place on May agenda for a decision.

106       Council considered participating in the Great British Spring Clean 2020

Action: Clerk to send email to residents asking them to clear their own verges.

Action: Clerk to ask county council whether they will remove any waste cleared out of Kilcot Green by volunteers.

Highways, due to a lack of drainage, have dug a runoff trench through the verge on Kilcot Hill so water comes off Kilcot Road and into Kilcot Green. This includes fuel which is visible on the surface in several areas when it is wet.

Action: Cllr Warwick to draft letter to Highways about this.

107       Defibrillators

  1. 1Buildbase Defibrillator

Cllr Warwick informed Council that the defibrillator will not need to be moved because the power is staying on. The building is going to become a depot for Buildbase who have won a contract to supply TwoRivers with all their building materials. The store will be reopened as a trade only depot for supplying the housing association.

  1. 2Funding for new defibrillator

Council considered applying for funding to install another defibrillator but could not think of another suitable location. There is one at the chapel and one at Buildbase. The only other possible location put forward was on the telephone exchange.

Action: Clerk to ask BT if they would agree to the installation of a defibrillator on the exchange in principle and, if yes, apply for funding.    

108       Annual Parish Meeting

Resolved unanimously to hold the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 18 May 2020 at 7pm in Christ Church Gorsley.

109       Newsletter

It was agreed that a newsletter will be sent out by email in late April / early May with a hard copy delivered to those residents not on the email distribution list.

110       Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes of 6th January not covered elsewhere in the agenda and Action Tracker: The Action Tracker had been circulated to all councillors. There was no Clerk’s Report.

111       Financial Matters

  1. 1Lead Member for Finance Report (August – December 2019)

Cllr Price reported that he had checked the accounts and everything was in order.

  1. 2Council noted the bank statement, bank reconciliation and summary of receipts and payments as at 31/01/2020.
  2. 3Resolved unanimously to approve the following list of payments:


Cheque No



Clerk’s Salary (January)


£ 196.16

LGA 1972 s112(2)

Clerk’s Salary (February)


£ 196.16

LGA 1972 s112(2)

GAPTC Training – Clerk


£ 16.67

LGA 1972 s111

Clerk’s Expenses


£ 76.52

LG(FP)A 1963 s5

112       Meetings/events

  1. 1Parish and Town Council Meeting 11-03-2020 6pm in FoDDC Council Chamber

No Councillors wished to attend.

  1. 2Climate Action Day for Town and Parish Councils 30-03-2020 9:30am FoDDC Coleford

No Councillors wished to attend.

113       Agenda items for May meeting

  1. 1Kilcot Green Tree Inspection Quotations
  2. 2Remind Highways about vegetation control on the B4221 footway

114       Date and time of next meeting                                                    Monday 4th May 2020 at 7:30pm

                                                                                                        Upper Room at Christ Church, Gorsley

With no further business the meeting was closed at 21:01pm.

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Signed (Chairman)                                                   Date:

Clerk to Parish Council

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